Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 tech and gadget stocking fillers

Mu Folding USB Plug (£25)

Yes, we're aware that a plug is not the most exciting gift to unwrap on Christmas Day. But this is no ordinary plug – it's won a brace of awards for its innovative design, which folds down to just 14mm thick. Perfect for charging a smartphone on the go.

Minecraft Paper Craft Shelter Pack (£13)

Let's get physical – this craft set brings construction game Minecraft from pixels to paper, with 48 pieces to build a shelter, Steve and a Tame Wolf from the game. If you can bear to drag yourself away from the computer for one minute.

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Mujjo Premium Touchscreen Gloves (£25)

Finally, someone's realised that poking and prodding at a screen with the tips of your touchscreen gloves is fiddly and awkward. What you want is a pair of gloves that are completely made from capacitive thread, letting you use your entire hand to swat at your smartphone screen. These are those gloves. Hooray!

PKParis K'2 16GB USB key (€30)

This tiny 16GB USB key is gorgeous to look at, and clever too. One end is a standard USB connector, while the other is a micro USB connector for use with smartphones. And when it's plugged into a micro USB port, you can slot a microSD card into the USB plug for extra storage. Brilliant.

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