Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 13 tech and gadget stocking fillers for less than £20

Looking for tech presents to slip into Santa's stocking this Christmas? We've got you covered

The mince pies and sherry are on the mantelpiece, the big prezzies are wrapped up beneath the tree. But what's Santa going to stuff your stockings with this year?

We've rounded up the best sub-£20 gifts and prezzies from across our Christmas Gift Guides, that'll also fit into a sock.

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Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps (£10)

From a time when gaming was good, clean fun, each of these soaps looks like a classic N64 title. And they all smell the same, so you don’t have to worry about the Donkey Kong one making you stink like an ape.

Buy Nintendo 64 cartridge soaps here

NOW TV BOX (£10)

Looking for a cheap, easy way to smarten up your TV viewing? Try the Now TV Box. A one-off payment of £10 buys you the box, and with it access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, plus the likes of YouTube and Spotify. 

Spend a little extra, though, and you can seriously spec up your nightly entertainment schedule. An extra £6.99 a month will get you the Now TV Entertainment Pass - bringing with it box-set delights such as The West Wing, Hannibal and Mad Men. For £9.99 you get the Movie Pass - home to so many treats we've got a Best Movies On Now TV list dedicated to it - while sports fans can plump for a day pass at £6.99 or a week pass at £10.99.  

Buy the Now TV box

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You can throw a lot of money at a pair of specialist racing gloves that are as light as a vole’s whisker and are woven from futuristic nano-Lycra. Or you throw a lot less money at a nice, comfy, pair of good gloves made from leather and cotton. These pleasingly just-retro-enough mitts represent the second option.

Buy Crochet Cycling Gloves here


You know how your friend/other half/parent/child/uncle/postman is always complaining that she/he can’t spiral-cut a whole cucumber so that it forms one huge, paper-thin, unbroken strip? CUCUMBO!

Buy Cucumbo here


This festive-themed kit teaches you basic electronics – and at the end of the process, you'll have a cheerful Christmas decoration to hang on the tree. What's not to like? An 8 pin microcontroller controls the flashing lights and a piezo sounder for playing Christmas tunes. You'll probably want to fling poor old Rudolph out the window after the tenth tinny rendition of Jingle Bells, mind.

Buy the Picaxe Rudolph Reindeer Project Kit here

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