Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 tech and gadget stocking fillers

Looking for tech presents to slip into Santa's stocking this Christmas? We've got you covered

The mince pies and sherry are on the mantelpiece, the big prezzies are wrapped up beneath the tree. But what's Santa going to stuff your stockings with this year?

We've rounded up some awesome gifts and prezzies that won't break the bank – and will fit into a sock.

Soundmagic ES20 (£25)

These in-ear headphones may be cheap as chips, but they won't disappoint – our review found them "unbelievably good for the money," with plenty of detail, good dynamics and a wide soundstage. For anyone who's getting a new phone or tablet this year, a good pair of headphones is essential, and these won't break the bank.

Kensington Evap Rescue Pouch (£11)

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a waterproof phone like the Sony Xperia Z1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – and as we've discovered, even if you do, your phone's vulnerable to water damage.

This rescue pouch is packed with absorbent material that'll trap moisture, saving your phone from the wet. Okay, it's one of those boring, sensible presents – but the recipient will thank you when they drop their phone in the sink.

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Stickygram Fridge Magnets (US$15)

Turn your Instagrams into a prezzie with this printing service, which turns your retro-filtered snaps of artisan burgers into lovely fridge magnets. It's a nice personalised gift; for extra layers of hipster irony, send someone a set of Instagrammed snaps of their fridge. You'd better hurry if you want to order them though – the cut-off date for orders to the UK is 18th December.

Nerf Jolt N-Strike (£7)

The Nerf equivalent of those little guns that ladies in James Bond films hide in their garters, this pocket-sized pistol will let you sneak up close to your target and blast two Nerf darts into them. Perfect for office wars in the New Year.

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