Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 presents for skiers and snowboarders

Burton Tether Lock (£13)

Make sure your pride and joy doesn't go walkabout on the slopes while you're busy guzzling a vat of molten cheese at lunchtime. This compact cable lock's coiled design means it can be used as a snowboard tether while you're out riding, then clipped around something solid with its three-digit combination lock when you're not.

Airhole face mask (£30)

When the mercury drops and the snow closes in, a bit of face protection is the only thing that stands between you and a vicious chapping.

As the name suggests, Airhole face masks (they do balaclavas and 'tube' ones too) have an air hole, or 'silicone-injected mouth grommet', to make breathing easy while still protecting your mug. Oh, and they come in a variety of patterns and comedy styles. This one is the rather Christmassy Home Alone-inspired 'McAllister' print.


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Oakley Airwave 1.5 Recon Goggles (£520)

No mere standard eye protectors, these goggles have a heads-up display that gives you a window to your on-slope performance, showing speed, distance travelled, temperature and pinpointing your position on a piste map. They'll even locate friends if they're using the same goggles or running the Oakley Airwave app on their

smartphones. Bluetooth connectivity lets you hook it up to a heart rate monitor, access your phone's playlist and even view incoming calls and texts. A six-hour battery life gives you plenty of time on the slopes while Oakley's Switchlock tech lets you swap out lenses in seconds to suit the conditions.

Millet Matrix 30 MBS (£125)

A hardy day sack that laughs in the face of sub-zero conditions. Whether you just need space for an extra layer, lunch and a hydration pack or you're doing a serious alpine excursion, the Matrix has it covered.

Compression straps keep your load stable, and there are attachment points for skis, crampons, a helmet and even a pair of ice axes should things get a bit Vertical Limit. Throw in its 'mobility back system' hip straps which keep it stable while letting your body move freely, and you've got a pack you can happily wear all winter long.

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