Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 presents for skiers and snowboarders

BCA Tracker 2 (£260)

For those who like to go properly off piste, a transceiver (or 'avalanche beacon') is essential, helping you both to find your friends and to be found yourself. The Tracker 2's triple receiver antenna will pinpoint their signal quickly, while its easy-to-use interface, multiple burial indicator lights and intuitive search/transmit switch will make sure that no-one gets left behind.

BCA B1 Shovel/Probe System (£65)

A transceiver such as the BCA Tracker (above) is no good on its own – if you manage to locate a buried companion you need to be able to dig them out too.

This collapsible shovel packs down small enough to leave plenty of room in your pack for other essentials, and includes a probe in the handle for pinpointing your pal's position. Don't leave the chalet without 'em.

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Giro Combyn helmet (£110)

A good helmet keeps your head warm and in one piece too, but most aren't really designed to withstand multiple knocks. For fans of the snow park (or terminal topplers) this 'Soft Shell' helmet is built to take the hits and keep on providing maximum protection for the next time they find themselves doing a 'toilet air' off an inadvisably large kicker.

Garmin Virb Elite (£350)

This tough, water resistant action cam produces 1080p HD video and 16MP photos which can be neatly framed with its onboard 1.4in colour screen.

With GPS and an altimeter on board it can even overlay footage with speed and altitude readings, or be set to automatically record only the exciting bits when you're skiing downhill and not just sitting on the chairlift. Its ANT+ compatibility means it'll also record other data such as heart rate and cycling/running cadence with ANT+ equipped accessories.

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