Christmas Gift Guide: 12 books that make perfect presents

We've scoured the shelves of bookshops to come up with a collection of tomes that deserve to be wrapped up under your Christmas tree

Ah, books – the perennial Christmas gift.

We’ve rounded up a selection of texts ranging from future-gazing explorations of tech to tales that’ll thrill and entertain, to gorgeous, inspiring design work.

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The Complete Little Nemo, by Winsor McCay (£88)

The Little Nemo stories that ran in the New York Herald from 1905 to 1911 are some of the most imaginative and influential work in the history of comics, charting the adventures of the titular hero in a surreal, fragmented dream world. This big, beautiful tome collects all 549 of Winsor McCay's newspaper strips in full colour, with commentary from art historian Alexander Braun.   

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Letters of Note, by Shawn Usher (£25)

This compilation of important – or just plain interesting – correspondence draws from the Letters of Note website. It’s worth picking up the book, though – it’s a beautifully-designed collection, presenting the letters in facsimile form alongside photos and doodles.

Everyone from Elvis to the Queen is represented, with letters that range from the uplifting – Iggy Pop’s advice to a young fan – to tragic – Virginia Woolf’s suicide note.

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The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell (£10)

The new novel from Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell is a weighty, ambitious read, but it’s also a thrilling and compelling story packed with enough fantasy and near-future weirdness to make it an unmissable winter read. 

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Knowledge is Beautiful, by David McCandless (£12.50)

Infographics are a tedious, overused and often pointless way of representing information in a way that only graphic designers can understand or enjoy. Well, a lot of them are, but David McCandless turns genuinely interesting data into graphics that are wonderful to look at and easier to understand. Not as easy as it looks.

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