Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gifts for retro lovers

We’ve unearthed a selection of tech gifts and presents that hark back to times past

Sleek lines, glossy black plastic, carbon fibre and brushed aluminium might be some people’s idea of great-looking materials, but others prefer things to be a little more, well, human.

We’ve rounded up some gift ideas that possess a certain level of understated 20th century charm; whether they're made from more natural materials, or showcase styling that harks back to the best of the good old days.

This Is Ground Mod (From US$250)

The Mod is This Is Ground’s 21st century answer to the Filofax, but it’s far better looking than the phone number-filled 1980s staple. Made from premium hand-stitched leather in the company’s home town of Los Angeles, it comes in a choice of three colour finishes (including silver) and in a variety of configurations: there are Mods designed for tablet users, for writers and for photographers among others, with inserts and compartments that suit the particular owner.

Buy the This Is Ground Mod here

Crosley Keepsake Turntable (£150)

If you know someone who’s into retro stuff they probably “dig” vinyl pretty hard, so why not get them a portable turntable allowing them to play their favourite Japan-only 7” Engelbert Humperdinck limited edition pink wax 180-gram record? Crosley’s aptly-named Traveler is affordable and oozes almost as much 1950s charm as an episode of Hi-de-Hi! you’ve stumbled upon on Freesat at 3am.

Buy Crosley Keepsake Turntable here

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Ted Baker Tanalia iPhone 6 case (£20)

With floral prints being decidedly “in” in 2014, this eye-catching case for the Apple iPhone 6 makes the ideal gift for fashion-loving friends and family. Just make sure they have an iPhone 6 first, like.

Buy Proporta Ted Baker Tanalia iPhone 6 case here

Swig Harris Tweed hip flask (£69)

Boozing on the go is one of life’s great pleasures, and we’re not talking about chugging a warm can of Stella on the 18.42 from Victoria. We’re talking sipping something fortifying from a classic hip flask, and British company Swig offers a beautiful example: a stainless steel flask tucked into a pouch made of Harris Tweed (you can get it tweed-less for £61). The package also comes with a steel funnel and free engraving – so you can add that personal touch when you buy.

Buy Swig Harris Tweed hip flask here

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