Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets and presents for DIY fanatics

Karcher K2 Premium Home pressure washer (£150)

Few things keep a home’s exterior spick and span in as enjoyable a way as a pressure washer, and this model from Karcher is a particularly impressive example. Lightweight, portable and reasonably priced, it offers a six-metre hose, a two-year guarantee and something called a ‘dirtblaster lance’.

Bosch PMF 190 E (£60)

This versatile all-rounder lets you cut, saw or sand thanks to its interchangeable saw blades and sanding sheets. Its universal screw also means you can swap between its different accessories faster than the time it takes you to accidentally slice through a water pipe. Woops. 

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DeWalt DW088K (£140)

In DIY, levelness is next to godliness, and the DeWalt's self-levelling mechanism, combined with its laser cross that can be fired up over 10 metres, means that you'll have the second straightest shelves in the world, second only to the institute of shelving accuracy.

Makita BFR750RFE auto feed screwdriver (£245)

Any tool worth its weight in washers needs to be useful during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. With a 22 minute battery life and auto-fed screws, you'll be boarded up safely before patient zero reanimates and wreaks havoc on civilisation as we know it.

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