Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 474 brilliant present ideas

We published a new list of gift ideas every working day of November and well into December. Here's all the fantastic things we found

We would tell you how many shopping days are left until Christmas, but we don't want to scare you. 

Don't worry: we're here to help by taking the pain and effort out of your seasonal shopping. In the linked articles, you'll find dozens of inspired gift ideas, all just a click away. Christmas gifts for cyclists, Christmas gifts for fitness fanatics, Christmas gifts for petrolheads… whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find something for that certain special someone in your life. Particularly if that certain special someone is you. 

Read on for guaranteed* Christmas day success.

*Christmas day success not actually guaranteed, just highly likely

Christmas gift ideas for: cyclists, DIY fanatics & gamers

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Cyclists - gifts for people with a passion for all things pedal-powered.

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for DIY Fanatics - a spread of gadgets to satisfy tinkerers and fans of loud, fast-spinning machines alike.

14 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gamers - a selection of gear to get yourself a high-score on the gift-giving list of any gamer.

Christmas Gift Ideas for: Food Lovers, Makers & Petrol Heads

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Food Lovers - presents that are sure to bring seasonal – and well-seasoned – joy to foodies, aspiring chefs and culinary explorers.

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Makers - a collection of homebrew kit that will have DIY fans gathered around the tree on Christmas day, soldering to their heart's content.

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Petrolheads - 12 gift ideas for the car enthusiast in your family, to make your life easier.

Christmas Gift Ideas for: Animal Lovers, Coffee Addicts & Binary Bartenders

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers - for fans of tails, teeth, claws and beaks (or rather, the furballs they're attached to) - we've got you covered with this selection of fantastic Christmas present ideas for animal lovers.

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers - our roundup of the finest presents for a caffeine fiends.

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for wine aficionados and cocktail fans - for devotees of grape or grain, these prezzies will make a vine choice.

Christmas Gift Ideas For: Fitness Fanatics, Explorers & Apple Fans

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for fitness fanatics - the best fitness gadgets for sports from running to cycling – and everything in-between.

13 Christmas Gift Ideas for campers, wanderers and explorers - a selection of gift ideas for those with a constant faraway look – be they adventurers or outdoorsmen.

14 Christmas Gift Ideas for Apple fans -  into Macs, iPhones or iPads? These gift ideas will make any Apple fan grin on Christmas Day.

Christmas Gift Ideas for: Photographers, Music Lovers & Board Gamers

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for photographers -  camera accessories and other snap-happy present ideas for shutterbugs.

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for music lovers - perfect Christmas gift ideas to give your muso friends a melodic, memorable Yuletide.

12 Board Games for Christmas -  dozens of great board games - a dozen ways to fall out with your family this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas for: Watch lovers, Android Fans & Mad Scientists

12 Christmas gift ideas for watch and clock lovers -  these clocks and watches will make great gifts for those that think that time is precious.

12 Christmas gift ideas for Android fans - some of the best bits of kit that'll land a smile on any Android fan's face on Christmas day.

12 Christmas gift ideas for mad scientists - from mouse taxidermy kits to virtual reality sensors, we've got the perfect present for the special science geek in your life.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for: Tech Kids, Headphone lovers, Music fans

14 Christmas gift ideas for tech kids - our guide to the best techie kids' pressies. Because it's all about the children, after all.

11 Christmas gift ideas for headphone/music lovers - from bass-thumping in-ears to noise-cancelling cans for killing off commuters (well, just their voices), there are headphones here for all music lovers.

14 Christmas gift ideas for musicians and music makers -  start Christmas on the right note with our guide to the best music-making gadget gifts.

Gift Ideas For: Design Lovers, Film Buffs & Sci-Fi Geeks

12 Christmas gift ideas for design lovers - from lustrous curves to shiny edges, we've rounded up all the best tech to get your design juices flowing this Christmas.

12 Christmas gift ideas for film buffs - presents that will turn your festivities into a blockbuster. Lights! Camera! Action!

12 Christmas gift ideas for sci-fi geeks - the finest toys, collectibles and books for the discerning sci-fi fan this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas For: Retro Lovers, Couch Potatoes & Book Lovers

12 Christmas gift ideas for retro lovers - a selection of tech gifts and presents that hark back to times past.

12 Christmas gift ideas for couch potatoes - whether you're looking for a present, or just something to play on the snazzy Blu-ray player that's wrapped up under the tree, we've got you covered.

12 Christmas gift ideas for book lovers - a selection of cracking Christmas gifts for the bookworm in your life.

Christmas gift ideas for: Travellers, Book lovers, and Gardeners

12 Christmas gift ideas for travellers - satisfy people's wanderlust with these brilliant presents.

13 Christmas gift ideas for book lovers - a collection of tomes that deserve to be wrapped up under your Christmas tree.

12 Christmas gift ideas for gardeners -  a selection of the perfect gifts for green-fingered geeks

Christmas Gift Ideas for: Digital Artists, PS4 owners and Xbox One gamers

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Digital Da Vincis - fantastic Christmas gift ideas for creative and artistic types.

The 12 best Sony PlayStation 4 games to buy this Christmas - 12 top titles to gift to a new PS4 owner.

The 12 best Microsoft Xbox One games to buy this Christmas - a dozen games to thrill anyone getting an Xbox One this year.

Christmas gift ideas for Windows Phone fans Plus subscriptions and presents under £50

12 Christmas gift ideas for Windows Phone fans - A selection of colourful treats to lavish upon the Microsoft faithful

14 of the best subscription gifts - Buy the gift that keeps on giving with one of these awesome memberships and subscription services

12 Christmas gift ideas under £50 - The best budget gifts that won't break the bank

Stocking fillers and 'money no object' gift ideas

13 tech and gadget stocking fillers for less than £20

12 'Money no object' Christmas gift ideas - For those of you who prize luxury over common sense!

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