Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 gadgets and presents for book lovers

Penguin art prints (from £20)

Penguin's paperback covers are design icons – and now you can plaster them all over your walls. There's a selection of cover designs to choose from – everything from the colour-coded covers of the 1930s (including the very first Penguin paperback, Ariel) to the more elaborate modern classics.

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Suck UK Book Rest Lamp (£55)

By night, this bedside companion is a minimalist reading light; plop your chosen tome atop it and by day it becomes a cute little house – doing double duty as a page marker. Go on, give a book a home.

Overboard waterproof Kindle case (£24)

"Yeah, your Kindle's all very well, but can you read it in the bath?" scoff Luddite technophobes. Well, yes, you can, with the the help of this waterproof case. Oh, alright, it's more of a bag. If you're feeling a bit more flush with cash – and don't mind potentially missing Christmas thanks to US shipping times – WaterFi will sell you a Kindle Paperwhite with fully waterproofed internals for a mere US$240.

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