Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 13 gadgets and presents for book lovers

We've rounded up a selection of cracking Christmas gifts for the bookworm in your life

Ah, Christmas.

Time was you could wrap up a book, pop it under the tree and everyone would be happy. But in this age of ebooks and iPads, catering to the bibliophile is a little more complex.

We've rounded up a selection of gifts and gadgets for book lovers – whether they're card-carrying Kindle fans or clinging to paper and print. And if you're looking for book suggestions, don't worry – we'll be rounding up a selection of the best tomes for Christmas very soon.  

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Katana bookends (£18)

The pen is mightier than the sword, as someone who has never tried to fend off a claymore-wielding assailant with a biro said. Fortunately you can have the best of both worlds with this magnetic set of bookends – slip the metal sleeves inside your books, and the katana hilt and blade will hover in place as if by magic.

Buy the Katana bookends

Kobo Aura H2O (£140)

"Yes, but can you read it in the bath?" retorts your book-reading friend as they point accusingly in the direction of your e-reader. Wipe the smug grin off their face with this waterproof Kobo, which will survive a dunking just as well as any paperback. And it won't go all weird and puffy afterwards, either.

Buy Kobo Aura H2O here

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Curious Creatures: The Shorter Horror of MR James (£10.50)

MR James was the master of the Christmas ghost story; a fireside Yuletide tradition that chilled the blood of many a Cambridge scholar. Now you too can share in the shivers with this audiobook of James' short fiction, read with appropriately donnish delivery by actor Robert Lloyd Parry.

Buy Curious Creatures: The Shorter Horror of MR James here

Suck UK Dead Mark bookmark (£7.50)

Poor old Mark. There he was, minding his own business, reading a book – when all of a sudden the pages shut and he was squashed flat. Still, at least his death wasn't meaningless – he can live on as a bookmark.

Buy Suck UK Dead Mark bookmark here

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