Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 gadgets and presents for wine lovers

Elertus Wine Protection System (US$290)

If your kids have reached the age when they're looking to experiment with drinks, you don't want them raiding your vintage wine cellar. This brand new security system will keep your wine store as secure as Fort Knox. If the door to your cellar's opened, or if the temperature changes, it'll ping an alert to your smartphone via the associated iOS or Android app. It's only available to buy from America, so if you want it in time for Christmas, best order now.

Conundrum decanter (£23)

Do your wine justice and let it breathe with this specially-designed decanter – those curves aren't just for looks, you know. As wine's poured into the decanter, the curvy sides ensure that it's properly aerated and oxygenated. And when the wine's poured out, it's dispersed across the sides of the decanter, ensuring a two-phase aeration that'll leave it tasting positively scrummy.

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Vino2Go portable wine glass (£15)

Okay, it's not exactly picnicking weather – but for forward-thinking wine fans, this gift will ensure that their summer days are a breeze. Its double wall insulation ensures that your wine is kept at the optimum temperature for guzzling, while the lid will stop spills – and, more importantly, booze-hungry wasps – from ruining your drink.

Le Nez du Vin 24 Aromas Duo Set (£110)

Train your nose with this aroma kit – it comes with 12 white wine aromas and 12 red wine aromas to turn you into a super sniffer. Once you've perused the enclosed booklet and wafted the smelly bottles (which range from toast to truffle and everywhere in between), you'll actually understand what the labels on wine bottles are wittering on about when they say things like "a buttery gooseberry nose."