Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 12 gadgets and presents for binary bartenders

Buying for a devotee of grape or grain? These prezzies will make a vine choice

Christmas is a time for giving. And imbibing copious quantities of wine, cocktails and ill-advised cream liqueurs from the back of the drinks cabinet.

Whether you're buying for someone who prefers sipping or sloshing, look no further – we've got the gifts for you.

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The Perfect Drink (£60)

There are two types of people who will appreciate an app-controlled bartending system. The first hides the smart scale away in a dark corner of the kitchen and starts preparing the most precise cocktails known to humankind while shooting furtive glances at the front door. Only the stainless steel shaker is left out in the open.

The second sets up an iPad (running the free app) on the bundled stand next to an array of colourful bottles for everyone to have a go. Both benefit from gadget guidance in pouring proportioned drinks and the in app Cabinet displaying only cocktails that can be made with the ingredients available. Both owe the legendary success of the party to you.

Buy The Perfect Drink here

Mojito Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kit (£30)

Sachets, silicone molds and pipettes, long established tricks of the trade to would be mixologists. Or they should be. Idiot-proof instructions include how to make foams, floating mint caviar and explode-in-your-mouth spheres of mojito.

Buy the Mojito Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kit here

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Wine Bottle Cork Robots (£6)

Once you've finished with your wine, the accumulated corks are good for nothing but reminding you of the shameful extent of your boozing. Unless you pick up some of these cute little robot kits – then you can turn them into adorable automatons and display them with pride.

Buy Wine Bottle Cork Robots here

Pats Backcountry Beverages Carbonator Bottle Starter Kit (US$50)

The most important additions to this on the go carbonation kit are the brew concentrates, Pale Rail and Black Hops. Your beer bellied friend simply adds water and carbonates the concentrates by adding the Activator packet of citric acid and potassium bicarbonate to the bottle's blue reaction cup. Just as tasty as micro brews thanks to Pat's Hybrid Brewing Technology.

Buy the Pats Backcountry Beverages Carbonator Bottle Starter Kit here

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