Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 gadgets and presents for wine lovers

Buying for a devotee of the grape? These gadgets and gifts will make a vine choice

Christmas is a time for giving. And imbibing copious quantities of wine.

But if you're buying for someone who prefers sipping over sloshing, look no further – we've got the gifts for you.

Soiree Home Tempour (£30)

This four-in-one gadget combines an aerator and filter, pourer, stopper and stainless steel chiller to make serving win a doddle. It'll cool wine to the optimum temperature for serving, and can aerate and filter it to improve the flavour and catch any sediment as you're pouring. Plus it's modular, so you can discard any parts you don't want to use.

Wine Bottle Cork Robots (£6)

Once you've finished with your wine, the accumulated corks are good for nothing but reminding you of the shameful extent of your boozing. Unless you pick up some of these cute little robot kits – then you can turn them into adorable automatons and display them with pride.

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Rabbit wine chilling carafe (£40)

Combining a decanter and a bottle chiller, this handy gadget features a stainless steel ice chamber that you can top up with the cold stuff. Cleverly, it's designed so that you can pour without removing the chiller – so you'll be able to enjoy your tipple at the top temperature.

Vinopolis Quintessential Wine Tasting for Two (£65.00)

Before you can take advantage of all these wine gadgets, you need to learn how to taste it properly. This experience day kicks off with a 15 minute "how to taste wine" session at London's Vinopolis, and kits you out with 16 drinks tokens that you can use to try out wine samples from across the world. Sniff, swirl and slurp away. Not based in London? No worries – there are plenty of other locations covered.

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