Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 gadgets and presents for tech hipsters

What to buy for the hipster who has everything, and bought it long before it went mainstream? We've rounded up some gifts from the bleeding edge of cool

Well-dressed, achingly cool and handsome… you’re the person your hipster friend regards as a guru. 

So, get them started on the pathway to cool with this selection of de rigeur, dramatic and downright essential hipster gadget and gear gifts.

Pitango bikes (from £375)

You’re in a tricky position here. Head to Pitango’s website and you can pick ‘n’ mix components and colours to create your giftee’s perfect bike. But how do you know you will get it right? How radical to go with the colours and contrasts? Drop bars or flat bars?

Glory or shame await you come Christmas morning, but two things are guaranteed: it’ll be unique, and it’ll be well-made.

Eva Solo Tea Egg (£15)

British men and women have been surviving perfectly well on humble teabags for many, many decades. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to go buying your own loose tea leaves, and infusing them in a cup of perfectly heated water using this tea ‘egg’.

Except… that it looks really cool, it promises better tasting tea, it lets you choose your own perfect blend and it takes longer out of your day than whacking a bag in a mug. So, overall, we’re in.

Native Union Clic Metal (£60)

The trick with cases, for the committed streetwise sass, is to try and find something to cover the back of your iPhone that costs more than the back of your iPhone. Enter the Clic Metal, which uses actual wood (walnut or cherry) along with a provocative flash of actual metal. Pricey, but really, really nice.

Volcom Voyage (£40)

Base layers. You can get them in UniQlo for a few quid. But this person that you’re buying for, they’re the type that wants a £40 base layer with a cosmic tie-dye design because they’re probably going to get all their kit off in an Alpine bar somewhere during a particularly hilarious gluhwein boat race. Well, Santa be praised, here it is.

Pebble Smartwatch (US$150)

It’s the watch that simply everyone is talking about, darling. And, unlike most fashionable gadgets, it is more affordable and more customisable than its megacorp copycats. If you can find one, it’s the grown-up’s Furby of 2013.

Sony Cyber-shot QX10 (£165)

Hipster-geek doesn’t want a normal camera, despite some of them being quite cool, and some of them being really good at taking pictures.

The QX10 will get you noticed, even if its for the fact that you’re taking ages to take a photo because you’re pairing, and you’re placing the lens somewhere clever and you’re showing everyone the live viewfinder on your phone. The QX10: little, unecessary, hip.

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Yr T-shirt (from £60 (Liberty), from £28 (Topman))

Even if you were to go all the way to London’s Spitalfields Market and buy from a one-time stall-holder who had travelled from Tibet with his bag of five hand-made T-shirts, someone in your Shoreditch local would be wearing the same one. Yr Store is a new idea, letting you customise and print your own T-shirts from machines popping up in London retailers such as Liberty and Topman.

Mujjo Originals 11in MacBook Air sleeve (£45)

Make your hipster the envy of their local artisanal coffee house with this gorgeous MacBook Air sleeve, fashioned in felt and leather along appropriately minimalist lines. You can also pick up sleeves for the 13in MacBook Air, Retina MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone.

Boomf Instagram marshmallows (£12)

What could be more emblematic of the modern hipster than the sepia-tinged Instagram snap? Now you can make those photos tangible, and delicious, in the form of Boomf marshmallows.

Fire up the website, connect to Instagram, pick nine of your favourite photos and you’re away. For an added layer of precious, precious irony, make marshmallows out of Instagrammed food pictures.

Revo Monocle 24 SuperConnect Radio (£300)

Produced in association with hipster trendy types Monocle, this digital radio looks appropriately swanky – and it has technical smarts, too. aptX streaming means it pumps out CD-quality sound, and it’ll play nice with iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

Oh, and it has a button that’ll take you straight to the monocle 24 live stream. Instant credibility.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 (£680)

It’s Scandinavian and it looks like it belongs in a 1980s toyshop, which immediately counts in the OP-1's favour among the hipster fraternity. But look closer, and it reveals itself as a superpowered synth – with an arsenal of tricks including a synthesiser, sampler, drum machine, sequencer, multitrack recorder, FM radio and probably the kitchen sink, too.

We called it “the best thing to happen in music gadgetry for years,” and we weren’t kidding.

Ziiiro Titan Pocket Watch (£113)

Wristwatches are so mainstream. For the achingly hip, nothing less than a fob watch will do. This one, made by Hong Kong-based Ziiiro, combines the whimsy of a pocket watch with the incomprehensible digital displays that design aficionados love. You may not know what the time is, but you’ll look cool doing it.

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