Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for campers, wanderers and explorers

Sealskinz Waterproof Beanie (£25)

At some point in your life you will stop laughing at, and start pondering the advantages of, a Tilley Hat. May it be far in your future. In the meantime, maximise your head protection with this waterproof beanie from the masters of sneaky sog-reduction, Sealskinz.

Burton Sleeper (£85)

Feel like a touring snowboard pro (unless you are one, in which case, feel like a punter pretending to be you) with this travel hoodie. It has an integrated eye mask and pocket for its own inflatable pillow in the hood, plus headphone cable organisation and a hidden passport pocket. Naturally, it’s constructed from 100% Snuggle.

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Thule Crossover Travel Wallet (£22)

Swedish Ferrari-of-roof-bars company Thule is now the go-to outfit for stylish, well-made laptop bags and luggage. Don’t believe us? Go to an Apple store and we guarantee you’ll see a Macbook geek with a Thule bag. Anyway; complete the look with this perfectly-designed travel wallet with spaces for passport, boarding passes and everything else.

Primus Meal Set (£14)

Not the kind of thing that makes its way into a ‘I wouldn’t leave home without…’ kind of feature, but this unsung hero of rucksacks neatly combines large and small airtight plates/containers, a rudimentary grater/chopper, a three-compartment spice jar, a olive oil bottle and a folding spork.

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