Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets, snacks and tools for food lovers

iGrill (£90)

Want to cook up the perfect juicy steak? There’s an app for that – and it plays along with this smart food thermometer, a digital probe that keeps a close eye on the temperature of pretty much anything you can grill or fry. The iGrill links up with Android and iOS devices using long range Bluetooth (it’ll work independently too) and the app not only clues you in on the temperature but cooking times too.

Tortuga Rum Cake (from £20)

Despite being dubbed by Stuff's own Will Dunn “a substance beyond imagining or description”, we’ll try to describe Tortuga Rum Cake: it’s a cake, made in the Cayman Islands, glazed with five-year-old Tortuga Gold rum and topped with walnuts, then vacuum sealed and sent to your house. And it’s tasty.

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Marmite Chocolate (£5)

This needs little explanation: it’s chocolate that’s been flavoured with everyone’s/some people’s favourite salty yeast extract. While the blend features a mere two percent Marmite, we suspect that’ll be enough to ruin a few people’s Christmas mornings.

Black + Blum Sandwich on Board (£20)

On first glance, this is merely a very attractive aluminium lunchbox, guaranteed to make your friend’s work colleagues aware that he or she is a person who values elegant, utilitarian design. But it gets better: a chopping board inside means the owner can slice up extra sandwich fillings just before eating. It’s an end to soggy sandwiches!