Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets, snacks and tools for food lovers

Bugatti Volo toaster (£150)

This Bugatti toaster is… the Bugatti of toasters, offering jaw-dropping retro looks that’ll get mouths watering quicker than the aroma of the crumpets warming inside. Or something. It actually has nothing to do with the French luxury car manufacturer, instead being a product from an Italian company that has been making lovely-looking kitchen gear since 1930. So there.

Fagor Spoutnik microwave (£180)

Looking more like a cosmonaut’s helmet than a microwave (and named appropriately), the Spoutnik will appeal to anyone who values idiosyncrasy. The spherical shaped and domed lid means you can see the entirety of your dish as it’s nuked to culinary perfection.

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Condiment Gun (£15)

This revolver-style sidearm can be loaded with mustard or ketchup, injecting mealtimes with a wee bit more excitement. Just make sure you aim the thing at your sausages and not your spouse. It comes with two cartridge bottles.

Joseph Joseph TriScale (£30)

An ingenious, space-saving and elegant product, the TriScale unfolds from a device about the same size as a handheld tin opener, but still functions as an effective set of digital kitchen scales: an essential tool in any aspiring chef’s arsenal.