Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 12 gadgets, snacks and tools for food lovers

These presents are sure to bring seasonal – and well-seasoned – joy to foodies, aspiring chefs and culinary explorers

Food is a huge part of anyone's Christmas, but for those who consider themselves 'foodies' Yuletide is probably the highlight of the year.

You can make your culinary-minded (or simply eating-minded) friend's festive period even better by giving them one of these gifts.

The Chadwick Oven (£385)

If you know someone who makes their own pizza, this kitchen UFO is the gadget of their cheesy, crispy dreams. Proper, puffy pizza with a nice crispy base requires air temperatures 200 degrees higher than the maximum burn on a regular household oven. Thanks to some crafty engineering, the air inside the Chadwick Oven can reach 500°C after 10 minutes on the hob, meaning it’ll cook a pizza in about three minutes, and cook it properly.

Buy The Chadwick Oven here

Anova precision cooker (US$180)

Most gastro-geeks have heard of 'sous vide', the hot-water-bath technique used by Michelin-starred chefs to cook meats and veg perfectly every time; and most gastro-geeks have decided they don't have the money or the kitchen space for such chefnanigans.

The answer is the Anova, a hand-blender-sized device that turns any large pot into a water oven. Just seal your fillet in a food-grade bag with some herbs, leave it in the water and set the Anova to regulate its temperature - sous vide cooks are often something like 65°C for 8 hours. It's made easier by the Anova app, which tracks times and temperatures for you, and more brilliant by the one rule of sous vide cooking: whatever you make, it always needs crisping up with a blowtorch.

Buy the Anova precision cooker here

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Cucumbo (£10)

You know how your friend/other half/parent/child/uncle/postman is always complaining that she/he can’t spiral-cut a whole cucumber so that it forms one huge, paper-thin, unbroken strip? CUCUMBO!

Buy Cucumbo here

The Smoking Gun (£60)

A smart way to infuse your food with a delicious smoked flavour, this battery-powered slice of genius can be loaded with different woods and takes a matter of minutes rather than the hours a regular smoker would require. Meat, fish, veggies, even brandy – dinnertime will never be the same.

Buy The Smoking Gun here

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