Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets, snacks and tools for food lovers

These presents are sure to bring seasonal – and well-seasoned – joy to foodies, aspiring chefs and culinary explorers

Food is a huge part of anyone's Christmas, but for those who consider themselves 'foodies' Yuletide is probably the highlight of the year. And you can make your culinary-minded (or simply eating-minded) friend's festive period even better by giving them one of these gifts.

Blue Sky Candy (£8)

Give this to any Breaking Bad fan and they’ll love you forever. It’s not quite Heisenberg quality, being peppermint-flavoured instead of 99 percent crystal meth – but it’ll get you in far less trouble with the authorities.

Hammer Gyuto knife (£190)

Described somewhat scarily as “the ultimate kitchen weapon”, this 210mm multi-purpose chef’s knife is a real work of art. Handmade in Japan by hammer-wielding third-generation artisans, it sports a rippled Damascus steel-esque look and, in spite of its light weight, will slice through almost any ingredient with ease.

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SousVide Supreme water oven (£350)

If the Supreme looks familiar to you, it’s because we covered it in last year’s Christmas gift guide – but it’s just so brilliant that we had to bring it back. An oven that slow cooks food at low temperatures, it can transform even the cheapest cuts of meat into tender, melt-in-the-mouth and flavour-packed slabs of deliciousness. Food is placed inside a plastic bag that is then immersed in hot water.

The Smoking Gun (£60)

A smart way to infuse your food with a delicious smoked flavour, this battery-powered slice of genius can be loaded with different woods and takes a matter of minutes rather than the hours a regular smoker would require. Meat, fish, veggies, even brandy – dinnertime will never be the same.

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