Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets and presents for music lovers

It can be tricky to buy music from if you’re outside the USA, but find a workaround and you won’t go back. Where most high-resolution audio download sites deal strictly in the sort of music designed to show off hi-fi, offers Daft Punk, Katy Perry and Prince alongside the Mum’n’Dad stuff.

The Harder They Come (£8)

Jimmy Cliff stars alongside a white Jamaican called Bobby Charlton in one of Jamaica’s first truly successful films. It’s not the finest piece of film-making you’ve ever come across, but the gritty story-line and, crucially, the absolutely barnstorming soundtrack make The Harder They Come pretty much compulsory.

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Philips Fidelio M1BT (£240)

Bluetooth headphone pro: no cables. Bluetooth headphone con: inferior sound quality. But with the M1BTs, it’s all pro and no con – this stylish, comfy pair of aptX-compatible headphones sound fast, detailed and full-fat. Previously interminable commutes will just fly by.

Pro-Ject Essential II (£200)

‘Basic’ isn’t a dirty word where record players are concerned, and the Essential II is straightforward to amazing effect. It’s simple to set up, built to tolerate the clumsy and sounds the way vinyl is meant to sound. It’s plenty good enough, even if you’ve just spent £195 on Joy Division reissues.