Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets and presents for music lovers

The perfect presents that'll give your muso friends a melodic, memorable Yuletide

Christmas and music go together like Christmas and mince pies, even if your friends and family's tastes run more to Haim than Hark The Herald Angels Sing.

We've put together a list of tuneful gifts that'll get any pop music buff rocking around the Christmas tree.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS (£100)

All your digital music files have to become analogue at some point, and it’s a critical process. Take the responsibility away from your laptop (which is rubbish at it) and instead let the DacMagic XS get on with the job – it’s way, way better. Brilliant fidelity you can hold in your fist.

Sonos Play:1 (£170)

Having inspired a slew of more affordable imitators, Sonos responds with its most affordable wireless speaker yet – and it’s a beauty. Heftily made, simple to use and with a big, poised sound that’s at odds with its physical dimensions. And if you buy another you can have stereo sound.

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Ahmir ‘?uestlove’ Thompson – Mo’ Meta Blues (£16)

Generously afro’d drummer with The Roots and all-round cultural icon, ?uestlove combines autobiography with social commentary and a deep, abiding love for and knowledge of popular music. There’s also a lot of fiddling around the edges of the metaphysical aspects of writing and performing, just for fun.

Bob Stanley – Yeah Yeah Yeah (£10)

Managing to be scholarly and throwaway at the same time, Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley has delivered a massive, exhaustive and simultaneously frothy account of the life and times of pop music. That’s pop, mind, not rock or anything else too worthy. If you think Blondie was better than Patti Smith, you’ll find an ally here.

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