Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for tech kids

Light Up Shoelaces (£5)

These funky disco laces double up as road safety aids for the dark winter months, not that the kids need to know that. Choose your colour, thread them up and switch them to a fast or slow flash, or just a permanent Ready Brek glow.

X4 FPV Quadcopter (£180)

Have you ever wondered just what goes on over that fence? Around that corner? Behind those trees? Well, Mr Nosy, now you can find out with this quadcopter. The remote has an integrated display which shows live video footage beamed back from the skies, which can be recorded to SD card and copied to a PC. Due late November.

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Nikon AW110 (£210)

You could spend around £50 on a kids' camera but it'll be rubbish. Instead, make an investment for the future with a rugged cam such as the AW110. It's virtually indestructible, easy to use, takes great pictures and looks cool too, so your children won't be embarassed to use it when they've grown up a bit.

Words by Tony Horgan.

Griffin Kazoo Headphones (£15)

We reckon a shared entertainment experience is always best, but for those times when it's not feasible, these volume-limted headphones are just the job. Designed for ages 3 and up, theyr'e available with either penguin- or frog-themed earcups.


What a fantastic list! I was going to just going to buy them a membership at a few MMO game sites like but you can't put that under the tree. Thank you for another amazing list!

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