Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for photographers

Manfrotto 190Cx Carbon Fibre Tripod (£320)

The Rolls-Royce of tripods, especially for anyone with an aversion to lugging around heavy gear, the 190Cx is constructed of carbon fibre – a super-strong but lightweight material best known for its use in Formula 1 cars. That means that despite being able to hold up to 5kg of camera, lens and flash, it weighs a mere 1.3kg.

Lomography La Sardina and Flash DIY Edition (£100)

Lomo’s sardine tin-shaped analogue camera offers a 22mm wide-angle lens and the company’s most powerful flash to date, and this special edition adds something a little more idiosyncratic to that: a look that can be customised by the owner. Write on the case with chalk or give it a new coat of paint, or decorate it with physical embellishments like stick-on rivets. It takes 35mm film and supports multiple exposures and a bulb setting.

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Lens shot glasses (US$15)

Based on Canon’s near-ubiquitous 28-135mm L lens, this pack of three shot glasses should prove a hit with anyone who appreciates (a) photography and (b) knocking back liquor. Nikon fanboys may be the exception, though...

Gerber Steady Tool (£60)

Military and outdoor specialist Gerber shows some love to shutterbugs with the Steady Tool, a multi-tool that features a tripod alongside the usual selection of stainless steel blades, screwdrivers, pliers and a bottle opener. The tripod works with compact digital cameras (up to 340g) and smartphones (up to 170g).