Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for Makers

Bare Conductive Christmas Cards kit (£15)

Light up your Yuletide greetings with this set of Christmas cards. Each pack of three cards comes complete with cutesey geometric illustrations, LEDs, batteries and an Electric Paint pen; just doodle a circuit onto the card, stick the components on and hey presto: twinkly lights for all!

Technology Will Save Us DIY Gamer Kit (£35)

The Technology Will Save Us crew want to get people engaged with technology and encourage experimentation – and their latest DIY gadget is a doozy. It's a DIY games console that you can have up and running in two hours with the help of a soldering iron – and it comes complete with D-pad controls and IR links for multiplayer gaming.

The console requires an Arduino board to play – you can pick up a kit with an Arduino included for £60.

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Up! Plus 2 3D printer (£1620)

This Christmas, why not make your own gadgets and turn your house into a microfactory of the future? The Up! Plus won our 3D printer group test in the September issue of Stuff, delivering "the best results of the printers, quietly and consistently." Its successor adds automatic platform levelling and height calibration to the mix, which should make for even more impressive chess pieces, toy robots and other plastic trinkets.

Lego MindStorms EV3 (£250)

Lego's laying the building blocks for a new generation of hackers and programmers with the EV3 brick, the latest in its Mindstorms robotics range. 

The winner of a coveted CES 2013 Hot Stuff Award, the Linux-based EV3 is the first Mindstorms brick that can be programmed without a PC, adding on-brick programming, an array of sensors and Android and iOS compatibility to your robot army.

This box set contains a Mindstorms EV3 brick, plus all the parts you'll need to make this Johnny-5-gone-wrong robot, a snappy mechanical snake or anything your imagination can conjure up.

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