Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for the design aficionado

Q Acoustics 2010i (£130)

Be not led astray by the nefarious pleasures of slim speaker systems or soundbars. For true audio satisfaction, you need proper speakers, made of wood. These speakers, however, will break neither bank nor bookshelf as they are reasonably sized. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 (£130)

It’s easy to get confuddled by the consumer chaos that is the cameras market, especially if you think one camera must rule them all. Keep your old one and get creative with Fuji's retro-tastic instant camera which can let you superimpose two different images in one photo, if you want it to. You arty devil you. 

Typhoon Teardrop Duo Drizzler (£12)

Which comes first? The oil or the vinegar? It matters not, for here they are combined into one handy (and skillfully made) receptacle. Dress that salad in whatever order you prefer. Though you’ll have to find a different storage solution for salt, pepper, lemon, etc.   

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Bialetti Moka Express (from £22)

A classic design, no doubt. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s a just a coffee jug. There’s science hidden behind them there silver walls. There’s heat and pressure and condensation and, at the end of it, a ruddy good espresso. 

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine (£62)

Perhaps you’ve never made pasta. Maybe you never will. But that doesn’t stop you having a pasta-making machine in the kitchen, now does it? Plus, there’s various attachments you can buy to extrude different types of pasta. That you’ll definitely make. Definitely maybe.

OHTO Tasche fountain pen (£13)

You need a good pen. It’s used for things like signing wedding certificates and insurance claims forms. But you don’t need to get a £500 Graf de Mont Parker that weighs six tons and takes unicorn blood ink. This OHTO is cleverly designed to be tiny, it’s affordable and it’ll make you feel like a man. (Or a woman.)


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