Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for the design aficionado

Mondaine Evo Quartz Analogue (£160)

A Swiss railways watch design so iconic that even Apple borrowed it for the clock app in iOS. And then even acquiesced when Mondaine politely pointed out that it might be nice to reference them. And then changed it to something else for iOS 7. Anyway, the fact remains that it is an iconic clock design, and it won’t break the bank. Unless, like us, you’d be tempted to get the one with a Swiss automatic movement, which is nearer £500.  

Victorinox Rally (£9)

As well as the ability to set up a network-attached RAID backup system and check the gearbox oil level in a Mk2 Escort Mexico, there are various accoutrements a proper human should have. At least one named pair of shoes, an automatic watch, a Zippo – you know what we’re talking about. And, of course, you should have some kind of knife or tool. Victorinox make some design classics; this Rally version is the basic pocket tool with the addition of a bottle opener.  

KitchenAid Artisan Kettle (£120)

This made-to-last kettle takes the guesswork out of brew-making. Boil it up good and hot for tea, then while you’re mucking about with the tea strainer you can see on the dial when the water has cooled to the 80-ish degrees that won’t scald coffee beans.

Oree Power Pebble (€110)

‘Subtlety is the way of the true.’ This mantra is one that we’ve been living by since many minutes ago, and thus far it has proven to be an enlightened path. The Power Pebble is very subtle, but it also adheres to the second rule of gadgeteering: ‘Maketh a wireless phone charger; maketh sure it works.’

Pure Evoke D4 (£130)

British kitchen radios have been being British in our kitchens since the invention of radio, and this latest version from Pure is no different. Well, it is different, in that it is digital and has no valves, but otherwise – one speaker, bunch of knobs, Radio 3 comes out of it – just the same.

Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Genie (£235)

You don’t have to get a turntable this expensive. Heck, you don’t even need to get a turntable. But there are cheaper turntables than this, and there are certainly more expensive ones. But this one looks cool, works very well and sits right on the indulgent price line.  

Bowers & Wilkins P3 (£170)

The concept of high-end headphones for portable device use is no longer a novel concept, and this year we’ve seen some truly spectacular entries. But, B&W nailed it the first time when they launched the P3: stylish, light, comfortable and really good to ear.

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Sony SRS-BTM8 (£60)

Affectionately known as ‘The Handbag’ by the Stuff team, there are several reasons why this Bluetooth speaker is a design tour-de force. It’s portable (four AA batteries), so that prominent handle makes sense for carrying it out to the conservatory. It’s got NFC so phone pairing is a breeze, and it sounds brilliant.  

Q Acoustics 2010i (£130)

Be not led astray by the nefarious pleasures of slim speaker systems or soundbars. For true audio satisfaction, you need proper speakers, made of wood. These speakers, however, will break neither bank nor bookshelf as they are reasonably sized. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 (£130)

It’s easy to get confuddled by the consumer chaos that is the cameras market, especially if you think one camera must rule them all. Keep your old one and get creative with Fuji's retro-tastic instant camera which can let you superimpose two different images in one photo, if you want it to. You arty devil you. 

Typhoon Teardrop Duo Drizzler (£12)

Which comes first? The oil or the vinegar? It matters not, for here they are combined into one handy (and skillfully made) receptacle. Dress that salad in whatever order you prefer. Though you’ll have to find a different storage solution for salt, pepper, lemon, etc.   

Bialetti Moka Express (from £22)

A classic design, no doubt. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s a just a coffee jug. There’s science hidden behind them there silver walls. There’s heat and pressure and condensation and, at the end of it, a ruddy good espresso. 

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine (£62)

Perhaps you’ve never made pasta. Maybe you never will. But that doesn’t stop you having a pasta-making machine in the kitchen, now does it? Plus, there’s various attachments you can buy to extrude different types of pasta. That you’ll definitely make. Definitely maybe.

OHTO Tasche fountain pen (£13)

You need a good pen. It’s used for things like signing wedding certificates and insurance claims forms. But you don’t need to get a £500 Graf de Mont Parker that weighs six tons and takes unicorn blood ink. This OHTO is cleverly designed to be tiny, it’s affordable and it’ll make you feel like a man. (Or a woman.)


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