Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for coffee addicts

Clever Coffee Dripper (£15)

An easier way to brew pour-over coffee, the Clever Coffee Dripper negates the need to pour water slowly over grounds or fret about the temperature dropping while water drips into a cup. Its shut-off valve allows the grounds to settle naturally, even when all the water is tipped in in one go. An idiot-proof way to make a great cup o’ joe.

Hario Skerton Hand Grinder (£20)

Assuming the recipient doesn’t object to a bit of manual labour, this hand grinder represents a delightfully affordable way to enjoy freshly-ground coffee every morning. Small and lightweight enough to be taken on camping trips and the like, it uses high quality ceramic burrs that’ll hold their sharpness for longer.

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Philips Senseo HD7825 (£50)

Coffee snobs may look down their noses at pod-based machines, but they’re certainly a step up from pouring boiling water over a teaspoon of freeze-dried Kenco. This compact Senseo-based machine from Philips is currently available at a low, low price, and unlike many pod coffee makers it can brew two cups of the good stuff at once.

Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster (£330)

Something, perhaps, for the true coffee connoisseur who wants the maximum control over the way their cups taste. Feed this roaster up to half a pound of green beans (NB: we mean coffee beans obviously, not regular green beans) and it’ll cook ‘em up a treat. Temperature and roast time can be tuned to your precise needs, and there’s even a large chaff collector included to capture the waste – and help send the fumes towards a ventilation source. When it comes to home coffee-making, the only way to be more authentic would be to fly to Colombia and harvest the beans yourself.