Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for coffee addicts

The Black Blood of the Earth (from US$25)

A concentrated coffee drink made through the cold-water extraction of the oils and essences of ground beans, Black Blood of the Earth contains between 20 and 40 times the caffeine of regular coffee – and none of the bitterness. Made by US college professor (and coffee’s answer to Walter White) Philip Broughton in his spare time, it’s ideally enjoyed cold (either straight up in a shot glass or mixed with milk in a latte) and lasts up to three months in your fridge.

Handpresso Auto ESE (£140)

The ideal gift for espresso-chugging motorway mile-eaters, the Handpresso is a proper coffee-maker that connects to a standard 12v in-car cigarette lighter and fits snugly in a cup-holder. Pop in an espresso cartridge and some cold water then plug it in and wait for the beeps – in a matter of minutes you’ll have a ‘real’ cup of coffee right there in your motor.

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Coffee Bean Bundle (£16)

Anyone with a new grinder will need some beans to feed it, and this selection pack offers 250g each of four distinct types: Sumatran, Colombian, Honduran and a winter-themed blend.

Image credit: Michael Simmons

Hario V60 Decanter (£20)

Despite lacking the Chemex’s sexiness, the V60 Decanter will transform the way your friend drinks coffee in much the same way: pop in a filter, insert your freshly-ground coffee and slowly pour over almost-boiling water. Hey presto: you've got a really smooth cup of the black stuff.