Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget and (shock!) paper gifts for comic book fans

Building Stories (£30)

It’s quite rare for comic books to truly play with convention. However, we’ve seen a few great examples over the past year or so, most notably Chris Ware’s unique decade-long creation. Packaged in a box, Building Stories comprises a number of printed works, including a newspaper, various comics, a poster, and accordion fold-outs. The story itself impressively interweaves throughout the various items, which can be read in any order.

Judge Dredd metal badge (£80)

Judge, jury and executioner — with this scale replica badge, you’ll be none of these things (unless you’re already a judge, in which case, hello, your honour). However, you will be able to legitimately pretend to be Mega City one’s finest lawman, interrogating the cat in a grizzled manner, snarling at jaywalkers, and trying to ensure no-one ever sees any of your face above the bottom of your nose. (Alternatively, you can just set it on the included stand in your office — your choice.)

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Hellboy Library editions (£38 each)

We admit it might seem a smidge odd to spend Christmas Day reading the story of Satan’s son, summoned to Earth by Nazi occultists. But Hellboy is one of the smartest comic books of recent years, beautifully illustrated, and drawing on centuries of folklore, horror fiction and pulp. The six Hellboy Library editions are outsized volumes with stunning reproduction values, and they tell the entire tale. For comic fans, the protagonist will also be a better big red guy for the holidays than the one who spends his time faffing about with sleighs and reindeer.

Marvel Comics Mr Potato Head - Iron Man (£17)

If toy manufacturers have learned one thing since the 1950s, it’s the versatility of the potato. But this isn’t any old Mr Potato Head — this is a Mr Potato Head with Iron Man armour! It’s a six-inch tall Tony Starch! Keep your eyes peeled or you’ll miss him! Don’t take him on, or you’ll probably get mashed! Do him wrong and you’ll have to butter him up!

And we’re done with the potato puns now.


You can also get a drawing of them as superheroes in comic style and print it on t-shirt / poster Smile

and now you can grow a ZOMBIE PLANT from seeds and watch how it Plays DEAD when you Touch it!!


Here is a fun one...ZOMBIE PLANT Seeds to grow the Zombie Plant that PLAYS DEAD when you Touch It!

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