Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 12 gift ideas for Android fans

Philips Hue bulb (£50)

Yes, £50 for a lightbulb is shocking, but this isn’t just any bulb. The Hue is a smart bulb: you can change its colour remotely via a free app even from across the globe. You can even dim the lights remotely to set the mood (you classy devil you) or set them to turn on in the morning and wake up in style. All that and they’re 80 per cent more efficient than traditional bulbs too.

Buy the Philips Hue bulb here

Soundmagic E10S In-Ear Isolating Earphones (£40)

Want the best bang-for-buck in-ears in the solar system? Look no further. Ideal for those looking for a headphone upgrade, you can’t beat the E10S for sound for less than £50. ITs in-line remote works with both Apple and Android devices too, so everyone wins.

Buy the Soundmagic E10S In-Ear Isolating Earphones here

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Micro USB Host OTG Cable (£3)

If someone gave this to you for Christmas, it doesn’t mean that they hate you. If anything, it means that they want you to unleash the full potential of your trusty Android device by allowing you to hook up USB sticks, external hard drives, and USB peripherals like keyboards and mice. It’ll turn your smartphone into a miniature PC, and it only costs a few quid. A definite stocking filler, if we’ve ever seen one.

Buy the Micro USB Host OTG Cable here

Android Eats Apple T-Shirt (£13)

This one is for the rooter. For the XDA forum addict who flashes a new ROM every week, and spends their spare time customising their home screen and icons until everything looks perfect. If you know someone who’ll spend a pub lunch talking about kernels and how restrictive iOS is, this is the garment for them.

Buy the Android Eats Apple T-Shirt here

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