Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 gadgets and presents for gamers

PlayStation 4 camera (£45)

Unlike the Xbox One's Kinect which is included with the console, PS4 owners will have to get the PS4 camera if they want to get in on the voice and motion-tracking action. From facial recognition to voice chat and 3D motion controls, the PlayStation 4 camera will unlock the PS4's full potential.

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Official Xbox One Play and Charge Kit (£20)

While the Xbox One's controller will happily eat regular batteries, this rechargeable one will be much easier than having to restock after a week of marathon gaming sessions. An included charging cable turns the controller into a wired one too, so you can still play while it's drinking up that well-deserved juice.

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Minecraft Torch (£30)

We'll admit it. We're still scared of the dark. It's not our fault, we've just got vivid imaginations. The second the bedroom lights are off we leap into bed and cover ourselves with our duvet of invincibility. If only we had this officially licensed Minecraft torch to keep evil creatures away…

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