Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 gadgets and presents for gamers

Icon Watch (£44)

This 8-bit time-keeper is a nostalgic throwback to the pixelated consoles of yesteryear. It may lack numbers, but it more than makes up for that in geek chic – perfect for Italian plumbers and blue hedgehogs alike.

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Nerdtendo Gamebooze 8oz Flask (US$20)

What better way to show off one's allegiance to gaming than by sipping sweet nectar from a Game Boy-inspired hip flask. Whether its Capri Sun or straight Vodka, your tipple will taste all the sweeter for it. Note: not compatible with Game Boy cartridges.

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Microsoft Xbox One (£430)

Yes, it's a bit obvious, but we couldn't have a gaming gift guide without the brand new next-gen consoles making an appearance. Microsoft's offering serves up Kinect voice control and the ability to plug in your set top box, as well as exclusive games like Titanfall to look forward to once you've stopped gawking at the gorgeous cars in Forza 5.

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Sony PlayStation 4 (£350)

In the blue camp, we have Sony's fourth generation console, and it's quite the looker. With an innovative controller that features a trackpad and a tasty £350 price tag, it's a no-brainer for the hardcore PlayStation nut.

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Aperture Laboratories messenger bag (US$70)

Welcome test subject #1039. Before we begin, please place all your worldly possessions in this highly technical shoulder-mountable carrying device. You will receive everything back once you have completed a number of fun and absolutely-not-dangerous tests. Thank you for your cooperation.

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