Toyota FCV is the fuel cell-powered eco warrior motor due on roads in 2015

Some CES tech makes us swoon, some tries to save the world - Toyota's FCV concept somehow does both

Toyota's FCV concept is being shown at CES and it's doing quite the star turn. Wade through in-car Android demos, electric racing cars and Segway-inspired skateboards and you'll find that Toyota's been hard at work for over a decade making fuel cell cars a reality.

And it's so happy with the engineering behind this concept that it reckons FCV vehicles will be on the roads (of California) by 2015.

So what's the idea? The FCV is powered by fuel cells which are useful and eco-friendly because they generate electricity from hydrogen to power the car - when accelerating, power is drawn from the battery of this hybrid vehicle. Making its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show and being shown off now at CES, this is a practical concept from Toyota of the cars it wants to start selling next year.

Ultimate Eco Vehicle?

With a range of 300 miles and refuelling at a fuel cell station set to take just three to five minutes, Toyota's thought of everything. It's even calculated that fully fuelled, an FCV car could power the average Japanese home for a week. As for nasties, the only thing the FCV emits is water vapour. The circle of life, indeed.

Toyota FCV is the fuel cell-powered eco warrior motor due on roads in 2015

Capable of 0-60mph in ten seconds and with a top speed of over 100mph, the FCV's propulsion system and two high pressure hydrogen tanks still leave room for four passengers. And the price? Who knows. But Toyota reckons costs will fall rapidly making sure the FCV isn't too far out of reach of the average eco-crazy petrolhead.

Watch Toyota's nature porn video above to see more of the thinking behind fuel cell tech. It's enough to make you want to go hug a puddle.

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