CES 2014 and beyond: 7 tech trends that will define the year

4. SteamOS

Where 2013 was the year of the next-gen consoles, 2014 is set to see PC gaming come to the fore with the arrival of the Steam Machine

Steam Controller

The first Steam Machine beta devices are already in the hands of a lucky few, and Valve will be hosting a keynote at CES 2014 where it'll be going to more detail on its Steam OS-powered gaming PC. 

A Steam Machine is Valve's own Steam Box, which is in essence a PC which meets Valve's standards to run its SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system made for your TV that's focussed almost completely on gaming. 

Valve doesn't make much of its own hardware – although it's produced a Steam Controller that it claims will combine the best features of mouse-and-keyboard and gamepad gaming. It's expected to announce its official partners at CES 2014.

Valve's Greg Coomer told IGN, “It’s not a huge number of boxes. In January we’re going to start to be specific about which partners there are, how many boxes there are, what kinds of specs those machines will include."

Given that all Steam Machines will deliver more power than an Xbox One or PS4, and will be compatible with virtual reality gaming headsets such as Oculus Rift, we're intrigued to see whether Steam Machines will bring the fight to the next-gen consoles in 2014.

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