Garmin Nuvi 670

4 stars
This Nuvi flagship comes from one of the the world’s biggest GPS companies and is loaded with tech – is that enough to make it a winner?

Acer V200

4 stars
The V200 is proof that you don’t need bells and whistles, nor a gilt-edged price tag, to be a good sat-nav

Sony NV-U92T

4 stars
Sony’s flagship sat-nav with a 4.8in screen certainly looks classy, but is it as nice to use as it is to look at?

Mio C520t

5 stars
The 520t might just show why TomTom, Navman and Garmin won’t hog all the market share for ever

Navman S30

5 stars
The smallest of Navman’s new S-series has a big job to do if it is to compete against the market leaders

Navman S90i

5 stars
Navman has had its S-series in the development studio for some time: can it make TomTom shift uneasily in its cradle?

TomTom Go 720

5 stars
The latest iteration of the TomTom Go manages to improve on its market-leading predecessor – making it the best sat-nav we’ve seen so far…

Evesham BM6300

3 stars
Evesham have had to cut corners with the BM6300 - and it shows. Low price but at the expense of killer features.
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