Cameras reviews

Shut up and Shoot. Or just shut up, either or

theQ camera

3 stars
This 3G-connected hipster camera offers instant social media snap uploads. But are those snaps worth sharing?
Canon S120

Canon Powershot S120

4 stars
With the S120, Canon hopes to lure the serious photographist with a bright lens, twisty ring control and discreet styling, but is that enough when others offer more for less?

Canon PowerShot G15

5 stars
Canon G-series cams have long ruled the pro-compact roost, but the G15 debuts a new, slimmed-down design. Will it continue a proud family tradition?

Fujifilm FinePix X100S

5 stars
Forget megapixels, for ultimate quality it's all about the size of your sensor – and the X100S is one high-end compact that sizes up nicely
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