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Sony PJ530 review
13 July 2014/15:03BST

Sony PJ530 review

If video really matters, the Sony PJ530's box of tricks will put a spell on you
Sony HDR-AS100VR review
18 June 2014/15:03BST

Sony HDR-AS100VR review

It's time action cams moved on, and the Sony HDR-AS100VR shows the way forward
Panasonic Lumix GH4
05 June 2014/16:40BST

Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K camera review

Its 4K recording might grab the headlines, but the GH4 is more than that - it's Panasonic's finest all-round camera...


Sony A7R
22 May 2014/16:11BST

Sony A7R review

Full-frame sensor, tank-like build and lightning autofocus makes Sony’s pro-friendly camera mighty tempting – even at this eye-watering price
Garmin VIRB Elite action cam review
20 February 2014/16:27GMT

Garmin VIRB Elite review

There's a new kid on the action cams block – but does Garmin have the gnarly skills to take on...
22 August 2013/11:28BST

Canon EOS 700D review

It's a new entry-level Canon DSLR! No, wait, it's just the old one in new clothes...
02 August 2013/17:18BST

Nokia Lumia 1020 review

It's not the best camera ever or the best phone ever, but the Nokia Lumia 1020 is by far the...