B&W reviews

B&W A7

5 stars
Ditch cables for the magic of wire-free sound with the best AirPlay speaker we've heard yet from Bowers & Wilkins
B&W P3

B&W P3

5 stars
Superb sound and a solid, achingly stylish design make these the best portable on-ears around

B&W P5

4 stars
The Brit speaker kings have turned their hands to headphones. Have they produced a pair of can-do cans or just some fancy ear-warmers?

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B&W Panorama

3 stars
B&W’s smart sound bar has arrived to assault your senses – and your poor, battered wallet…


5 stars
B&W says balls to subwoofers. Literally – no, look, it’s a spherical sub. See? And you thought… how rude.

B&W 704

5 stars
B&W, long a bastion of high-quality sound, has unleashed these mid-price speakers. Will they rock your world?
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