Bluenio's 4mm-thin nio Card is your smartphone's guardian angel

Bluenio's fancy new card can protect your phone and personal info, thanks to a little Bluetooth and NFC magic

Bluenio has launched a new Kickstarter project for an NFC smartcard which offers an easy way to secure your phone, among other things.

The 4mm-thin nio Card is svelte enough to slip into your wallet and connects to your smartphone via low-powered Bluetooth 4.0.

Once connected, an alarm will sound if your wallet and phone are separated, avoiding the 'left-in-a-taxi' horror which can easily wreck a night out, not to mention adding an extra layer of security against sticky-fingered pickpockets/inquisitive magpies.

Companion apps also enable you to lock down access to sensitive personal information like notes, bank details and passwrods and Bluenio is also testing out NFC door entry systems and PCs which can be unlocked with the nio Card.

One card to rule them all...

Bluenio is also in discussions with banks about the prospect of being able to replace existing payment cards with the nio Card itself. That means that if your card is stolen, thieves won't be able to make contactless payments unless your phone (which is hopefully still in your possession) is connected to it.

The nio Card itself is also packed with a variety of sensors which can transform it into a fitness tracker and more, thanks to the SDK open to developers to take advantage of everything it offers.

It's got 2GB of on-board storage for secure data, its USB rechargeable battery should last an impressive three months and if you ever lose it, users with NFC-enabled smartphones can tap it to bring up your contact info and a personal message, pleading with them to get in touch.

Head on over to Kickstarter if you want to nab a nio Card of your very own for £40, contributing to the £35,000 goal.

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