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18 May 2010/17:11BST

Panasonic DMP-BD85 review

The BD85 takes Panasonic back to the top tier of the Blu-ray wedding cake
23 April 2010/6:00BST

Anthem BLX 200 review

Acclaimed Canadian AV brand Anthem makes its UK debut with this costly but performance-centric Blu-ray player
24 February 2010/0:00GMT

Philips BDP7500 review

This Philips Blu-ray spinner is sexy, but does it deliver the goods where it counts?
15 January 2010/6:00GMT

Sony BDV-E300 review

Light on the wallet but heavy on performance, this Sony one-box Blu-ray rig promises great things
15 December 2009/6:00GMT

Sony BDP-S363 review

This Sony Centre exclusive looks identical to its sibling, the BDP-S360. But is its performance just as good?
15 December 2009/6:00GMT

Toshiba BDX2000 review

Toshiba’s bitten the bullet and made a high-def disc spinner. So, will the former HD DVD champ come out fighting...
11 December 2009/6:00GMT

Sony BDP-S560 review

Sneaking in between Sony’s budget deck and the wireless BDP-S760 is this Blu-ray spinner. Is it the best of the...
30 October 2009/5:00GMT

Sony BDP-S760 review

Sony’s latest Blu-ray spinner features built-in Wi-Fi and a tempting price tag. Is it the best value-for-money player yet?
15 October 2009/6:00BST

Panasonic DMP-BD80 review

Panasonic's DMP-BD80 looks good on paper, but can it hold its own against the Blu-ray big hitters?
09 September 2009/6:00BST

Sony PS3 Slim review

The Sony PS3 Slim's got more hard drive, for less money. Time to trade in your old PS3?