20 steps to better snowboarding: gear, tips and tricks

GET TRICKY: take it to the next level

The ollie. It’s like a wave motion. Flex at the knees, move weight to rear foot, lift your front foot into the air and push off with back foot, using the board’s tail to pop you into the air. Whoop.

Straight air. Find a small jump or roller. Approach at a sensible speed, centred with the board flat on the snow. Pop your ollie 
at the lip of the jump, keep your board flat in the air and bend your legs ready for landing.

50/50. Try it on a flat straight box rail. Approach slow. Knees bent, eyes on the end of the box. Slide on… and off.

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GET TWEAKY: time to play

1 In addition to progressive ride refining and fakie (riding the board the opposite way round), foot-out turns are great for practicing edge control and weight distribution – and good practice for getting off lifts too. 

2 Leave your rear foot free and snug it up against the inside of the rear binding. Set off straight down the hill, nice and relaxed. Just ridin’ with my foot out.

3 Initiate a turn, controlling everything with your front foot. Incorrect weight positioning will be punished by falling over. Get faster, do more turns. You rule. 

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