Best Star Wars merchandise

Is the Force strong with you? Strong enough to resist all this ace merch? Really, Jedi?

Lego Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar


As much as we love Star Wars and Lego, we still wouldn’t advise munching back on any of these advent calendar treats. Featuring 24 collectible pieces including eight Lego minifigures – one of which is an exclusive version of Yoda – this is the perfect solution to a little daily dose of Star Wars goodness.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag


Rest easy in this Tauntaun sleeping bag, assured in the knowledge that it wont be covered in flies when you wake up in it. Instead a soft head pillow should cradle your noggin rather cosily and the mini plush lightsaber zipper is a nice little touch.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Finally, the entire legendary saga can be yours in HD. This nine-disc collection should provide enough of a geek fix to have you smiling for three days straight, while the included limited edition 35mm frame featuring original artwork will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Galactic Empire Dressing Gown


Whether you’ve just come out of the shower or want to pop downstairs for some Sith toast, this blacker than black Galactic Empire dressing gown should compliment your Force lightning rather nicely. Just remember to ditch the fluffy slippers – image is everything these days.

Death Star Trash Compactor Bookends


Liven up your book collection with these trash compactor bookends which have immortalized the fateful moment in which our heroes were mere moments away from dropping 10 dress sizes in a matter of seconds. Pro tip – can also be used for games, DVDs and Blu-rays.

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Lego 10179 – Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon


Sure you could go for the 7965 piece Lego Millennium Falcon kit (£135), but any real fan would accept nothing less then this gargantuan offering which packs in a whopping 10,179 pieces with which to create your masterpiece. So what if you have to sell your car to buy it? It’s a space ship for crying out loud.

Lightsaber Room Light


Come young Padawan, it’s time to craft your very own lightsaber and mount it on the wall for all to see. Marvel at its remote control and eight hypnotising colour effects while it bathes your personal quarters in light, protecting you from the shadows of the dark side.

Star Wars Cookbook


This culinary tome of geeky recipes promises budding food connoisseurs access to wookie cookies and other galactic recipes. If the thought of Jabba jelly with Yoda soda gets your gastric juices flowing, this is the cookbook you’re looking for.

Han Solo Carbonite iPhone 4 case


If you’re going to protect your iPhone, you might as well slather it in a case which perfectly captures the moment at which Han Solo is incarcerated in carbonite. Protecting your beloved device from bumps, scrapes and drops is a nice gesture, though we’re not sure poor old Han would notice any mishaps, given his unfortunate predicament.

R2-D2 ice cube mould


Take the appreciation of the coolest droid in sci-fi history to another level by serving up chilled beverages with R2-D2 ice cubes created from this silicone tray mould. A perfect companion to ensure that your next Yoda soda is an authentically ice-cold affair.

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