Transformers are REAL: Armadillo-T electric car folds in half for easy parking

It's not quite Optimus Prime, but this clever little car sure knows how to park

Engineers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have created an armadillo-inspired electric car which can fold itself in half to deal with tiny parking spaces, cutting its length down from 110in to 65in.

Drivers can remotely fold and steer the two-seater Armadillo-T into place using a smartphone and it can cruise along at a top speed of 37mph, thanks to its four in-wheel motors.

Its 13.6kWh battery pack charges in just ten minutes and has enough juice to travel around 62 miles, though we're not sure what that would translate to when taking London's notorious traffic into account.

[via IBTimes]

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Just thought I would say.....Not keen on the new layout. Seems like a cut down version of the mag


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