Fully Charged: New AR.Drone, Nokia Lumias get big update, and New Zealand gets a cardboard cathedral

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There’s a new edition of Parrot’s AR.Drone 2.0 out

Drones don’t have to be creepy – they can be lots of fun, as Parrot’s AR.Drone 2.0 shows. You can read our full review to find out precisely why we think that, but today’s news is that this smartphone-controlled eye in the sky just got even better. Parrot has announced a new special Power Edition of the polystyrene-bodied quadcopter that comes with multi-coloured propellers, a piano black hull and two additional batteries, which extends the drone’s flight time from 12 minutes to 36. Sadly it seems that the Power Edition is a US-only deal for now, where it’s priced at US$370 (£240).

Nokia rolls out Amber update for Lumia phones

Nokia has begun the rollout of an OS update called “Amber” for its Lumia Windows 8 phones. Amber adds a bunch of new features including Nokia Smart Camera; improved noise reduction, autofocus, colour reproduction and focus control for the camera; flip-to-silence; double-tap to unlock; and Glance Screen, which puts a clock and other information on the screen even when the phone is inactive. The update is expected on all Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820 and 920 device by the end of September. [Source: The Next Web]

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Ashton Kutcher accuses Woz of being paid to support rival Steve Jobs movie

Jobs, the Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher as the late Apple co-founder and CEO, is out soon, and already the controversy is ramping up. Not so much over the movie itself, but over the opinions of the real-life people it portrays. Steve “Woz” Wozniak, who founded Apple alongside Jobs, has been critical of the film’s “Hollywoodisation” of the story. But Kutcher claims there’s a reason for that: “Steve Wozniak is being paid by another company to support their Steve Jobs film. It’s personal for him, but it’s also business.” Woz has not yet commented on Kutcher’s accusation – could it be that he’s helping out Aaron Sorkin on his as-yet-unnamed Jobs biopic? [Source: BusinessInsider]

Christchurch has a new cardboard cathedral

When the huge earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand in February 2011, the city’s Gothic cathedral was reduced to little more than rubble. Its replacement has just opened, and it cost just £2,735,000 to build. How come? Well, it’s a temporary structure made in part of giant cardboard tubes. If you think that sounds unseemly for a house of God, check out the image above: it’s a stunning building, designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, and will stand in the city for perhaps 50 years. It can hold up to 700 people. [Source: The Guardian via The Verge]