Archos reviews

Archos 405

4 stars
Loaded with a 3.5in screen and a memory expansion slot, is the impressively built Archos 405 the flash droid we’ve all been looking for?

Archos 604 WiFi

5 stars
The most feature-packed Archos yet, with Wi-Fi and a large touchscreen added to the full media centre party. For extreme gadgeteers only

Archos AV500

5 stars
The Archos AV 500 is a portable media player with a big screen, big hard-drive capacity and big battery life – all fitting in the palm of your hand

Archos PMA400

5 stars
The PMA400 boasts a touch-sensitive screen and Linux Qtopia OS alongside 802.11b Wi-Fi gubbins which allows network, web and email access
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