Archos reviews

Archos 101 XS Gen 10

3 stars
The ultra-thin G10 is Archos’ most exciting tablet in ages, with a killer magnetic keyboard as its secret weapon. But can its innards match up to its outards?

Archos 70

4 stars
Seven inches of slimline screen with loads of storage, too. Is Archos's 70 the ultimate budget tablet?

Archos 10

3 stars
Archos pitches up at the netbook party: is it fashionably late or just in time to miss the fun?

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Archos 5

5 stars
The Archos 5 is the latest in a fine line ‘Internet Media Tablets’. But does it taste sweet or leave you with a gadget headache?

Archos 105

2 stars
Archos has joined the ultra portable fray with the 105. Is the baby of the family full-fat or semi-skimmed?

Archos 605 Wi-Fi

5 stars
From playing, to recording, to streaming, to surfing, the Archos 605 WiFi does a bunch of stuff. But, does it do its ‘bunch of stuff’ well?
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