Arcam rWand and rWave bring streaming to all iPods

Streaming is no longer exclusively for Wi-Fi enabled iPods, as Arcam invites everyone to the dongle party

Arcam is fighting for the outsider who wants wireless streaming but sports a smaller iPod. Gone are the days when less size meant inferiority, as the rWand dongle wirelessly streams from any 30-pin iDevice to an Arcam rCube or rDAC-kw system. Much like the rWand, the rWave does the same job on your PC or Mac – and owing to 3GHz Kleer technology – it won’t drop out connection even while firing uncompressed high quality sound from the other side of your house.

The Arcam rWave will cost you £80 while the rWand is just £70. Both go on sale later this month.


Arcam rCube

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