Video review: Apple iPhone 5s – ingenious, forward-thinking and powerful

The iPhone 5S delivers an improved camera, a nifty fingerprint sensor, and a next-gen CPU and motion-tracking chip. It's not a must-have upgrade, but it's easily the most advanced iPhone yet


My favourate features of the iPhone 5S are the Touch ID and True Tone flash. For the First Impressions of iPhone 5S check out 

@m1kes: sorry you think it's 'gushing' - we think 'ingenious, forward-thinking and powerful' is a fair summary of the product.

In appraising the benefit of 64-bit, it's a complex issue. 

This piece - - is well-researched in laying out the pros and cons.

'its the worlds first 64-bit processor'.... you forget to add  ... 'in a phone', : - )

What the need or benefit of  a 64-bit processor in a phone is i'm not quite sure. Maybe it'll make sense when you can get a phone with more than 4Gb RAM? (nb thats ram not storage)

Otherwise YAWN, its just another gushingly  titled Stuff review of anything with an 'i' at the start of its name, even with the shortcomings described in the review itself (did the ED watch the review before posting it online?)

Yes it is Apples best phone to date, but you cant really say its a great step forward. nor particularly igenious, compared to its predecessor, or, to many of the other top range phones out there.

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