Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

Protect, augment and funnerise your iPad Mini with our choice of the best accessories

Apple's iPad Mini now has a Retina Display, 64-bit A7 processor and the same slick iOS 7 experience as its bigger brother, the iPad Air.

Treat it to a selection of these hand-picked accessories and make the most out of your miniature iTablet.

Lego Builder case (£45)

If you want to protect your iPad Mini you're going to want to get a case, so why not get an officially licensed Lego one? Not only will it protect your mini tablet, but you can customise it with Lego too, thanks to the base plate built into it. Write your name, creat a funky pattern – use your imagination. Or let your kids do the work for you.


Griffin Moto TC rally car (£75)

This iThing-controllable rally car will roll around any which way you see fit, thanks to built-in Bluetooth and an accompanying iOS app which turns your iPad Mini into a controller. On-screen or accelerometer controls are available, and its rechargeable via USB too.


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Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover (£70)

Transform your iPad Mini into a bona-fide laptop alternative with this Bluetooth keyboard cover which serves up tactile physical keys for when you have to put down Angry Birds and actually do some work on the newly free iWork apps. Close it up and it protects the screen - a helpful bonus.


Ultimate Ears Boom speaker (£170)

This Bluetooth speaker might look like a fancy elongated can of coke (or a cylinder, if you're not into fizzy drinks), but don't be fooled – it packs a mighty punch, especially given its proportions, has a 'plasma' coating for water resistance (apparently it can be drenched in honey without getting damaged, although that sounds like a waste of good honey to us) and a 15-hour rechargeable battery.


AKG K451 (£60)

These headphones punch well above their price tag. Thay're also as portable as the iPad Mini itself, making them rock-solid commuter headphones. Their sound quality defies their price, with clear detail and punchy bass. Just add the BBC iPlayer and Netflix apps for commuting happiness.


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