Ultimate setup: Apple iPad Air

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio (£90)

Logitech's keyboard case will transform the Air from a casual media consumption machine to a genuine workhouse. Apart from its standard keyboard (which trounces the Air's onscreen offering) its water-resistant material offers protection on all sides and it'll last a generous three months on a single charge


iRig Pro (£120)

The portable battery-powered iRig pro is a fitting way to celebrate the iPad Air's 64-bit A7 processor, which has bumped up the maximum amount of tracks in GarageBand up to 32. Its MIDI input supports keyboards, pads and controllers and its audio and MIDI inputs can be used simultaneously along with effects pedals for even more control. Musical talent not included.


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Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 (£430)

This big and powerful wireless speaker packs in Bluetooth as well as Airplay, meaning it'll play nice with nearly every single device you throw at it. From iPads to laptops, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices, there's almost nothing it won't shake hands with. Once you've connected your Air up to it you'll enjoy detailed, open sound with punchy, room-filling bass.

ebay.co.uk (richersounds) What Hi-Fi review

Philips M1BT Bluetooth headphones (£238)

Philips' new cans sound as good as they look, thanks to their dark blue faux-leather lining and built in controls, and they're wireless too, meaning no annoying cables to get caught in train doors. It's got two built-in mics for clear FaceTime nattering and a cable for when the rechargeable battery runs out too.

philips-shop.co.uk  What Hi-Fi review

Dekke Slope stand (US$48)

This impressively minimalist aluminium stand will complement your shiny new iPad nicely – it uses two nanofoam pads covered with microscopic air pockets that use suction to hold your iPad in place. And because it holds the iPad at the back, it means you're free to admire its lines, unblemished by grips and attachments. Lovely.


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