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19 June 2012 / 17:24BST

Apple MacBook Pro (2012) review

Apple’s MacBook has lost weight and gained a dazzling hi-res Retina Display. It’s not cheap, but is it worth it?
27 March 2012 / 17:11BST

Apple TV review

Apple’s new set-top box looks just like the old one, but it’s stuffed full of new tricks that give it...
15 March 2012 / 6:29GMT

Apple iPad 3 review

iPad, iPad 3 – whatever you want to call it, we've got our hands on the 2012 version of Apple's...
Apple iPhone 4S
12 October 2011 / 23:52BST

Apple iPhone 4S review

Apple’s latest iPhone doesn’t have the expected bigger screen or redesigned body. But does it have enough?
27 July 2011 / 12:31BST

Apple Mac Mini 2011 review

The Mac Mini gets a CPU boost and better graphics, but there's something missing from the front
14 March 2011 / 19:39GMT

Apple iPad 2 review

Flatter, faster and photographier, can Apple’s 2nd-gen iPad keep the wolf in Android clothing from the door?
19 October 2010 / 6:00BST

Apple TV 2010 review

Apple TV has been reinvented: now it’s tiny-small and provides a simplified interface between iTunes and your TV. But does...