The Mac at 30: Apple's 10 most memorable Macs

3. PowerBook 100 (1991)

In 1989, Apple released the Macintosh Portable, yet the 7kg device was more appropriately described as luggable. But mobile technology was evolving fast; by 1991, then-CEO John Sculley’s PowerBook project bore fruit, in the shape of the PowerBook 100. Although it packed in similar specs to its predecessor, the newcomer was only a third as heavy, and was therefore the first Mac you could truly take anywhere, like a book.

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4. 20th anniversary Mac (1997)

You could argue that this expensive (US$7500!) and relatively low-powered machine summed up everything that was wrong with Apple at the time. Yet listen to Jony Ive’s reasoning for its existence — convergence, fitting into personal environments, an emphasis on design — and he could be talking about a modern iMac. An expensive failure, then, but one that informed much of Apple’s future thinking.

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